Solar Living

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Solar Living Made Easy

   I started out with 1,400 watts of solar panels. now I have 2,000 watts in solar panels,3,500 watt inverter, system controller, 80 amp charge controller and 1,600 amp hours in batteries in a 24 volt system. I have a 3,300 watt generator and a auto transformer to step the 240 volt down to 120 volt. this balances out both sides of the generator whindings.

   I was able to do all this for around $10,000. Found the best prices and had it all delivered to my address. All that was left was putting it all together.

A lot of people use flooded batteries and need to monitor the acid level monthly. keeping the batteries topped of is critical to have the power stored to spec. Most golf cart batteries have 200 Amp Hours of power and will drop rapidly as the acid drops bellow the top of the plates and will cause damage to the battery. The three main types of batteries used on solar systems areFlooded Acid, AGM, and Gel Cell. I am using the Gel Cell Batteries and they should be layed on the side as I have done.

Putting together a solar tracker can be easy with the right things. I scrounged the things 4X4s, 2X6s, 2X4s, steal pipe, an old satellite part.

House for batteries and electrical components with back up generator.

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