Solar Living

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  This is a solar system I installed years ago that needed an upgrade of panels. They used a generator to run the 3 hp well pump or ran down the batteries. They also run many things all day long that used most of the solar power so the batteries did not get a real charge runnng the generater 1 or 2 times a day.

To the right you see his battery bank. He had 20 6 volt 400 Amp Hour batteries and later added some 12 2 volt 600 Amp Hour bateries and still later 12 2 volt 900 Amp Hour batteries. Now he will not get the full power of the 2 volt batteries because of the 6 volt batteries will not hold as much power but still adding to his over all power storage. Below is a photo of the 2 250 watt and 4 130 watt panels we mounted on the power house and to the right of that is of 4 130 watt panels on the house roof. It is not advisable to mix battery sizes but it is what he wanted.

  The top left photo is of upgrading the solar panel rack. Removing the 130 watt panels (top eight) and mounting the new 250 watt panels (bottom 2). On the top right is all the new panels mounted in the rack. To the left is the electronics (2 3500 watt inverters, 2 charge controllers [1 60 amp & 1 80 amp], 1 solar breaker box, 1 main breaker box [breakers to each building], 1 auto transformer to run 240 volts to the well, 1 hub for control and monitoring using the mate2, and 1 wind generator control box). The house and trailer are wired for 120 volt only and the pump house is wired for 120 & 240 volt to run a 240 volt well pump and a 120 volt pressure pump. The total solar power from panels = 3000 watts on a good day. When I finished that day the system was bringing in 2400 watts. That is double what they were getting before and was finally charging they batteries. Yes they use alot of power every day.

To the left is his wind generators with solar panels in the yard.

He has 1 whisper 200 and 3 Air Xs.

Thinking that the wind gens in the east, west and south west would shade the panels but they are far enough away not to.

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