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   Welcome to the advertising page. Here you will find a large number of links for you to find the solar things you maybe looking for. You can be energy independent or have an energy backup system for your home, office, or to take camping. What ever your reason you can have the power to run your devices anywhere you are.

   Also on this page you may find some other items you may find interesting

EARTH TECH PRODUCTS Great prices and large invintory of solar items

My Solar Backup

  Get your New Soler Backup Power and be ready for the next power outage. Run your refrigerator, lights and more. Keep it safe in your closet until you need it. just pull it out and plug in, also have panels to charge it in the sun.

Go Green Solar

  #1 online destination for soar panels & wind power.

Home Wind

Every day we help customers find the Solar Power Kits and Solar Panels they need. With a selection of over 1000 Solar Power Kits products you are sure to find just the item you are looking for. We have been in the Solar business since 1998 and truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you today and in the future.

solar education

The key to success with this technology is to have a guide and company that makes it EASY and HELPS you in case you have any questions. This company does this and with this combination, you could be saving money on gas with the kit installed in hours.

The parts needed for the kit are readily available and cost less than $30. Depending on where you live, the price may vary. I increased my Nissan's fuel efficiency by 116.8% and it runs quieter with more power. With this type of improvement, you'd get back your investment in a couple of weeks.

The kit works with any car, SUV, bus, van, motorcycle or truck and is clearly the best for people who are mechanical beginners and still want to have the benefits of driving with water quickly and easily.

This was the only company that answered my emails in 30 minutes or less. The design also provided TWO TIMES the output of HHO (oxyhydrogen), of any comparable design, which is CRITICAL for the greatest money savings on gas.

The system also provides a very simple design, a MUST for any first-time installer. It also comes with an 8-week money back guarantee.

As the title suggests, The Simple Golf Swing focuses on improving your swing by simplifying everything. It walks you step-by-step through gripping the club, to pulling back, and ultimately hitting the ball the right way. The package also comes with some bonus books that added a lot of value to the package.
On the sales page they advertise that they will lengthen your drive, and cut your handicap by 7 to 12 strokes in just two weeks. With our evaluations, all of our testers did experience that success and actually beat it by a long shot.

The team that founded CuraDebt began in 1996 providing debt settlement services on behalf of individuals and small businesses. In 2000, the company started providing debt settlement services nationwide.

CuraDebt is a member in good standing of TASC, the largest and oldest association of debt reduction companies, they have the highest rating for debt relief companies by the Consumer watchdog.

CuraDebt has partnered with some of the best law firms in the country focusing on debt settlement for many reasons. First, their negotiators have built up contacts with creditors over the years; and therefore, understand exactly how they work. This gives them a much greater ability to negotiate thegreatest savings for you. In addition, as some program fees are based on performance, you will benefit as your negotiator will work to achieve the best savings for you. Also, they have many programs available, and have the ability to tailor a solution based on your needs.

we have a service called Imovies Club. This one actually performed quite respectably, and the software was very easy to use.  We found the Movies, TV Shows, and Music that we wanted, and it wasn't difficult to use at all.

  Get your Disaster food and be ready for a weather disaster or what ever happens. Don't be left hungry when you can not get to the store or there is nothing left at the store.

The clear winner from our evaluations was Green Power Easy. This learning package was developed by Peter and Jennifer Lowe, and it is the most well put together green package that we tested.
  When you buy Green Power Easy you will immediately be able to download the packaged. Included is the manual, blueprints, and how-to videos that make learning this one simple.
  The focus of this package is on converting your home to either wind or solar power or both. Most importantly it focuses on how to accomplish this for very little cost. All of the parts that Green Power Easy recommends will be available locally (they were for us), and most of the pieces we needed came from our hardware store.
  You'll also get recommendations on how to get deep-cycle batteries for free. Generating power is one thing, but storing it is also important. With free batteries, lower cost of parts, and the learning material, we were able to do an entire home conversion without a huge outlay of cash.
  This package laid out everything for us from how to build a single solar panel to how to create a grid of batteries to store that power. With the addition of the Green Power Easy TV videos that is included, this package offers outstanding value, and makes converting your home simple.

Debt Consolidation Care

Debt Consolidation Care can provide you information on debt settlement as well as debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is joining all of your debts into one payment with potentially lower interest rates. Debt settlement is where the debts are negotiated to pay back less than the balance in full.

The company has a good level of customer service and satisfied clients.

Easy French lessons includes multiple teaching methods. It has audio elements, visual elements, and some written work. The software is simple to use, and does include some learning games that give it the additional fun factor. 

The focus of Easy French Lessons is to get you to the point where you could deal with everyday conversations and that's it. 

Burn the Fat is touted to be the program that burns fat and feeds muscle. In our tests this turned out to be true. Of the five people who tested this one they all lost weight and if you stick with this program you should keep it off for good.

Where this one lost points was for the enjoyment factor and for diet safety. It's not that this one is unsafe. It should be perfectly safe for most people, but the diet does require you to change what you eat slightly, and the large exercise factor may make it unsafe for those who are obese (heavy exercise right from the start).

This one site had more content, included more extras, and simply worked better than any other service we tested.

When you sign up for Satellite Direct you will be provided with their very simple-to-use software. SatelliteDirect™'s software technology taps into more than 3,500 TV channels worldwide right over the Internet.

Movies, TV shows, music could be downloaded, and all of it is included in one low membership fee. All of the content you download is high quality and can quite easily be burned to watch on your TV if you want to.