Solar Living

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  Hello and thank you for visiting my site solar living.

My name is James Flynn.

   I live in east centeral Arizona with my wife. we have been here for 7 years and love living off the grid. Before moving here I had worked on solar systems and wanted to have my own.           When we moved here it was the only way we could afford having electricity being 2 miles from the nearest power poles. I still work on and install solar systems for people in the area and teach them an understanding of their own system. 

I have been working with solar systems for nearly 20 years now and have learned very much, but I am still learing becouse new technology is always coming out like computers after all there are some systems that incorperate computer technology in their systems. You do not have to be off the grid to have solar power but you benefit by cutting your power cost by grid tie technology. Grid tie technology lets you put solar power in to the grid and you can get credited thet power to lower your energy bill.

Here are some poducts to help get started and to understend more about going solar.

The Earth 4 Energy package again consists of both eBooks and videos that work to teach you how to convert your home. The material is clearly laid out and the instructions are simple to follow.

Energy 4 Green uses the same types of parts, and suggests some of the same methods to build, but they don't explain how to put it together as well.