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   I started out with1,400 watts of solar panels but lost 2 of them in bad weather. now I have 950 watts in solar panels,3,500 watt inverter, system controler, 80 amp charge controler and 1,600 amp hours in batteries in a 24 volt system. I have a 4,000 watt genarator and a auto transformer to step the 240 volt down to 120 volt.

   I was able to do all this for around $10,000 and a little help.  I shopped around on the internet searching google, and eBay. Found the best prices and had it all delivered to my address. All that was left was putting it all together. That is ware I needed some help. 

   My next project is to build a solar panel. I have some solar cells, tabbing wire, plywood and an old glass sliding door to start with.

These are the batteries I had got from a person. They had been used as standby power. I got 1 extra one in case 1 went bad soon. They cost me $1,100 and are about 3,000 pounds with the cases. This type of battery has a 20 year waranty new from the factory. 

Check out the photos page. 

These batteries hold 1,600 amp hours at 24 volts gives me 38,400 watt hours of power stored for use at night or on cloudy days. We use 4,000 watts per day on average.

Putting together a solar tracker can be easy with the right things. I scrounged the things 4X4s, 2X6s, 2X4s, steal pipe, an old satillite part. I got a sun tracking unit from a friend so the panels face the sun all day and turn back to the east at night for the morning sunlight. 

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